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What is your mission?
Striving to become Michigan’s most respected cannabis cultivator by producing clean, consistent, strains of terpene-rich craft cannabis for qualified users. Grown with sustainable farming practices to achieve our premium quality standards. Always prioritizing plants, people and planet over profit.
What is Veganic?

Growing in plant-based living soil, using 100% plant-based organic inputs. It is a combination of vegan and organic concepts.

You can learn more about Veganic Cultivation here.

What should I choose Pure Coast flower?
We utilize sun and soil in our garden, creating a natural growing environment for the plants to thrive. A happy plant is a healthy plant that produces high terpene profiles. Resulting in flower with pungent smells and distinct flavors that are good to the last puff!
What is conscious cultivation?
This has deep meaning to us and how we conduct ourselves. In essence it is an effort to REDUCE our dependency on harmful inputs. REUSE whenever and however possible. RELAX knowing that we have integrity throughout our process, leading to a final product that exceeds expectations.
Do you have concentrates or edibles?
Not yet, but this is definitely coming in the near future. We know how flavorful our flower is and we look forward to introducing it in the varying consumables.
Where can I get your flower?

We are wholesale only, providing to numerous provision centers across the state. Please check out our “where to buy” section for more information.

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