The Farm

We are proud to announce the purchase of our farm in Wakeshma Township, MI. Although it has been a long and hard search, we feel that the process was worth the wait as we have found the perfect home for Pure Coast Cannabis Co.

It has been our belief and strategy from the beginning to own and build our facility on farmland in order to achieve our goal of being sustainable and self-reliant while remaining discrete and professional. Additionally, we sought to find a community that would provide us the path of least resistance, as it related to accepting Pure Coast and our core philosophies. The relationships we have developed with Wakeshma’s town leadership has aligned with our desire to own land for the purpose of future expansion in cultivation and processing. The overall footprint of the farm will allow us to expand beyond our current plan of three Class-C cultivation licenses, in which the community has already granted us a permit.

We are strategically located 15 miles east of Kalamazoo, and 20 miles south of Battle Creek. Both cities have established medical markets and have opted-in for recreational provisioning centers, our core customers. Additionally, our proximity to Interstate 94 will provide excellent access to major markets such as Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Ann Arbor.

Our state-of-the-art cultivation facility will be constructed on a portion of our 40 acres in this small farming community. The property acreage is split by the natural waterway Little Portage Creek, which runs through the heart of a small forest, ultimately flowing south and feeding into the St. Joseph River. The farm is robust in natural resources, local vegetation, mature trees, and wildlife that are all indicative of Southwest Michigan. We feel we have found a home that is quiet, secluded, and protected by farmland in all directions — providing a tranquil and safe environment for the team members, suppliers, and visitors of Pure Coast.

The first three phases of our 65,000 square foot cultivation facility will utilize the “front” section of the farm. We strategically chose this portion of the property for savings related to construction and utilities, but also to maximize sun exposure. The proper sun exposure allows us to utilize full spectrum light for plant growth, but also to minimize the need for artificial light, thus lowering our energy costs and environmental footprint. Although the facility will be road facing, trees will be planted along the main road for additional security, discreteness, and image. Operationally, utilizing the front section of the land, provides the best accessibility for traffic from team members, visitors, shipping, and receiving.

The “back” part of the farm is an additional 25 acres that can be utilized in several ways. We have the potential to add greenhouses, produce seasonal outdoor grows, in addition to it being a natural location for our future processing facility. Regardless of how we choose to utilize the extra acreage, the goal was to find land that would provide options.

The purchase of our farm is a significant milestone for Pure Coast Cannabis Co; we could not be more pleased with our choice of property and the township of Wakeshma!

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The Community

Wakeshma Township is a small farming community located in Kalamazoo county.